Intelligent data automation platform

Your solution for today and key to use for tomorrow


Cognitive document processing engine that thinks, learns and adapts to enable companies to build end-to-end automation for their documents.


Omnichannel commerce building blocks to enable companies to adapt to the changes of today and tomorrow with a composable approach.

LEFT Mobility

Traffic control centre to understand traffic and people flows with mobility awareness, insights and adaptive traffic network management.

The digital transformation is the driving force behind everything we do

Documents | Mobility | Commerce

We bring all your data together, offering you one design model, one delivery model, one governance model and one security model for all your automation, integration, data science, data engineering and AI use-cases.


With cloud we free you from the shackles of infrastructure.


From engineering to data science, we help you take full advantage of the revolution in data.


We deliver end-to-end process automation that thinks, learns and adapts.


The same people that engineer the products are responsible for operations.

Ready-to-go solutions

Built for:

Documents & supply chain

A mix of advanced cognitive document processing, any format-to-any format, cognitive process orchestration and a streamlined user experience, to offer an innovative, easy to use, platform that anyone can use to process (business) documents.

Omnichannel commerce

Building blocks for omnichannel commerce to help teams break down silos and own customer outcomes -unifying real-time relevant experiences across any channel, such as commerce, marketing, advertising , order fulfillment and delivery.

Smart mobility & traffic

All-in-one control centre that provides guidelines, scenarios and automation to reduce traffic congestion by analyzing behavior, detecting bottlenecks, distributing traffic load built-up and preempting gridlocks.

Partner with us

It’s our believe that business’s success in the 21st century depends on its ability to adapt to changing needs. These businesses rely on open APIs, AI, cloud, data, composed applications, automation, and superior analytics to drive their success. 

We offer the building blocks for these business.

About us

We are LEFT Technology BV.

Full stack is the core principle of our engineering and Ops culture. It’s a never-ending quest for a complete understanding of strategy, technology, and methodology.

We are full stack engineers, cloud architects, data scientists, and we’re all passionate about working together towards digital transformation. We take an end-to-end, innovation-led approach to helping our customers “imagine and invent” their futures.

Founded in 2017 and working from Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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